FREE Play Doh Valentine Printable Cards

FREE Play Doh Valentine Printable Cards

Valentine's Day is around the corner, and if you're looking for a non-candy Valentine's favor ideas for the kiddos. Glab this adorable and free Play doh Valentine Printable today!

It's an excellent non-candy alternative that won't disappoint and will surely spread the love!

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Play-Doh is the perfect alternative if you prefer to give something other than candy. Not only is it less messy than candy and other sweets but it also provides them with a fun way to express their creativity. 

Plus, Play-Doh is safe and non-toxic, so parents don't have to worry about unhealthy sugar highs or sticky messes!


This free Valentine printable is made to fit 1oz Play-doh tubs and is available as digital download PDF file.


 Print & Assembly

What’s the best paper to use for these Play doh Valentine printable cards?

Cardstock is the best type of paper to use for these Play-Doh Valentine printable cards. Cardstock is sturdy and won't easily tear, making it perfect for creating cards that keep their shape.


Supplies Needed for to assemble the Play-doh Valentine Printable cards

  1. Printer
  2. Cardstock 
  3. Scissors/paper trimmer or xacto knife 
  4. 1oz Play-doh



1. Print your cards at home or send the file to a local print shop.

2. Trim and cut each of the cards out.

3. cut out the circle with scissors or an X-acto knife

4. Place 1oz Play-Doh tub inside cut out circle shape

Your Play-Doh Valentine cards are now ready to be be given given out out!

This Play-Doh Valentine Printable card is sure to put a smile on everyone's face!

Want to personalized? upgrade now  to our customizable version and personalized your cards with custom "To" and "From" names.



Upgrade now to a customizable version that includes personalized To and From names for an even more personal touch. 

Don't miss out on the opportunity to upgrade - click the image below! If you'd prefer to stick with the free version for now, just keep scrolling.


Play Dough Personalized Valentines Day Cards



Enjoy sharing the love this Valentine's Day with these creative, fun and unique cards.  

Grab the free Play doh Valentine Printable below!


All of our Free printables are for personal use only, and should not be shared, altered, or resold. Commercial use is not allowed. Respect these terms, and you can expect tons more freebies!

Happy Crafting!
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